Rodeo Idol Event Recap

Rodeo Idol

Image Credit: Reno Rodeo Idol Finalists Facebook Page

Reno Rodeo held the ‘Rodeo Idol’ contest on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at Gilley’s inside the Nugget Casino Resort. The event was a success and five National Anthem singers were selected.

The event was planned by the Reno Rodeo Advertising and Marketing Committee. They worked with Bre Reinhardt as the Special Event Coordinator for Gilley’s and the Nugget. They worked well together. It is always odd for us as venue operators when outside event planners come onto the property because it feels like someone else is having a party at your house. You are always trying to figure out how to help them without becoming over bearing or intrusive. This was Bre’s first time being the coordinator for an event and she did a great job. I’m very proud of her!

A few lessons we learned from the event…

1. Communicate, better yet, over communicate. We had a few issues with Security not letting some of the contestants in because they were under 21 years old. They had their parents with them and an area designated so they wouldn’t violate any age restrictions at Gilley’s. We communicated with Security weeks earlier but we should have checked in with them again three hours before the event and then again a half hour before just to remind them.

2. When working with musicians it is important to find out what equipment they have and relay that information to the audio visual team. We had a few guitar players that we weren’t prepared for so we couldn’t plug them in and the crowd could barely hear them.

3. Make sure to get the song list in advance. We had a flash drive with all the songs that worked well but it would have been better if our DJ had time to put the songs in the system in advance.

Here are the interviews we did with Gianna Giorgi on Fox 11 morning show. We also received coverage from KOLO News Channel 8. We are grateful for all the coverage of this special event!

‘Rodeo Idol’ contest wraps up at Gilley’s – KRXI Reno NV Mornings on Fox 11 Segment

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